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Structure and Management

Our Focus

Our organisation and our services are designed to meet our clients’ needs.
We measure our success by our clients’ success.
Our underlying core values are. integrity, respect, performance, trust and collaboration.
Our transparent and open governance sets the direction of our organisation.
We accept our responsibility as a valued business partner.
We respect and honour the environment and the communities that we work within.


Our Organisation

We are a group of highly skilled people who mobilise and motivate our personnel into tailored business teams. Our organisation and our teams are shaped to meet our clients’ needs.
Our team leaders are responsible for effectively communicating and engaging with our clients and for the overall performance and delivery of our services. Our leaders provide direction and guidance for our services and oversight and mentorship for our people and our client’s teams.
Our service and industry leaders provide a point of reference for leading edge expertise, knowledge and experience for the benefit of our clients and our people.
To provide this responsiveness and service effectiveness, our organisation:

  • has a flexible and adaptable structure;
  • operates collaboratively without geographic or structural barriers; and
  • operates as a team in all ways.

Communication and support ensures the efficiency of service delivery and the quality of our service outcomes.
We employ personnel policies based on mutual trust and cooperation. We build on the awareness, responsibility, creativity and capacity for the continuous improvement of our services.

Our People

We directly employ talented and experienced practitioners with highly capable support personnel. Our people provide a wide range of technical, interpersonal and strategic skills. Each has tertiary qualifications, generally in (one or more of) the fields of management, business, engineering, law, finance or systems.
Our personnel provide services to clients, are responsible for the efficient operation of our business and operate without geographic constraint. Our personnel are self-motivated, professional, adaptive and considerate of diverse perspectives, organised and driven to achieve outstanding results for our clients and our business.
Uniquely, our most senior people continue to provide direct client services. The responsibility for meeting routine business management obligations is shared across the organisation to ensure that our most experienced personnel are available for our clients.


Our Services

Our focus is on delivering the needs of our clients.
We constantly seek to further our insight into the challenges our clients face in organisational improvement, creating infrastructure, maintaining assets and operating networks and systems.
We constantly challenge ourselves to improve how we ensure that we meet these challenges.
We bring expertise, independent opinion and the proven ability to effectively contribute to our clients’ teams and processes to improve their outcomes.
Our organisation and its people bring the range of skills needed to address the most sophisticated organisation governance, management, improvement and delivery project life cycle commissions. We are also able to provide expert advice, undertake investigations and provide expert in-depth reports in these areas. Our capabilities cover the whole project lifecycle.
We understand that relationships are continuously evolving and that we must continuously improve to meet our clients needs. We understand the environment with which our clients operate and we design our services to deliver both the inputs and the outcomes required.