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Strategic Advisory

  • Organisation governance and administration
  • Strategic Planning
  • Program Administration
  • Information and Communications Technology and Systems advice
  • Financial and commercial advice
  • Service outsourcing and franchising
  • Policy assessment and implementation
  • Expert and Specialist Representation

Many of our clients operate in challenging and complex environments with changing market conditions, policy and regulatory frameworks. Additional factors including global economic influence, cost pressures, limited funding and resources further constrain business activity.
Many organisations are in the midst of significant reform as they attempt to adapt to their changing environment. Such transformation requires sound strategy and effective leadership in the transition of people, process and technology to ensure lasting and positive change is achieved.
EIG assists clients develop and implement appropriate strategic plans together with supporting organisation structures, business models, accountabilities and processes.
It is crucial to develop strategic plans that provide short-term tactical solutions as well as medium to longer-term transitional change in response to expected market conditions. We assist public and private sector clients in designing and implementing change initiatives that ensure better alignment of people and their performance to the overall business objectives and improve the organisation’s effectiveness.
Sound Strategic plans are also vital in defining business needs and to provide a context to guide infrastructure projects. These plans are a key input in defining project packages, the scope of the project and in establishing project objectives. They are a key ingredient in the definition of detailed project benefits
Managing major programs of works and major projects requires high level governance and this depends on having the right structure, people and information flows. EIG brings business skills and knowledge and assists clients with process design, organisational design, change management and benefits identification.
With capital constraints and multiple investments competing for eventual commitment, organisations face significant challenges in terms of prioritising these investments, aligning them with the organisation’s strategic objectives and demonstrating value for money in their investment planning decisions.
We advise in the establishment of pragmatic and effective portfolio investment management structures, and provide leadership and hands-on support in the development of detailed investment programs tailored to your strategic goals. Our approach ensures more efficient, goal-oriented and future-proof planning and decision making, resulting in vastly improved outcomes for your organisation.
We understand that for a project to be successful, it’s not enough simply to manage your project competently, and deliver a good quality product. You must make sure that you have identified the right business requirements, created an achievable business case, put strong governance into place, managed a high-quality implementation and focused on achieving the benefits.
We bring detailed knowledge and experience in the road, rail, water, energy and property sectors and provide high quality financial and commercial advice.
We understand the planning, procurement and implementation of service outsourcing and franchising and we bring market leading proposal assessment tools to assist clients in selecting providers.
Our service group representatives are market leaders and offer expert and specialist representation including reports and advice.

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