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Infrastructure Development

  • Strategic alignment
  • Identify the linear corridor or land for a future network or project
  • Program and/or Project initiation
  • Undertake a strategic assessment of feasible options and identify a preferred option
  • Detailed assessment of shortlisted options and planning approval
  • Handover for procurement
  • Management and Gateway Processes

Developing project and program solutions to strategic need is a critical in developing infrastructure systems. These processes connect strategic plans to a solution or solutions ready for procurement. Decisions made during this period significantly affect the scope, cost and effectiveness of the solution/s.
During infrastructure development there is a strong focus on strategic need, objectives, benefits, options and solutions that best meet the strategic need.
A range of professional services and outputs need to be coordinated and sophisticated analysis and selection processes utilised to assist decision making.
Major infrastructure brings great benefits but also has impacts therefore project leaders need to be responsive to ever-changing political, social and economic factors.
In times of scarce capital resources, major public and private sector organisations will increasingly seek to secure substantial value for money outcomes from their capital investment decisions. Many organisations are looking for access to proven ways to drive optimised capital investment programs and to secure improved customer service efficiencies.
These processes require highly specialised management skills, and external executive assistance is sometimes required to quickly identify improved ways of planning and prioritizing capital investment programs and in optimising customer service outcomes.
EIG is experienced in working within client teams to bring proven best-practice portfolio and program skills into play to optimise capital investment decision-making, and we are also adept at transferring these skills, knowledge and capability into clients’ in-house resources. We can quickly assess opportunities for improvement and assist in implementing effective change, and provide independent advice on delivering better outcomes in procurement and contract management areas including determining how services may best be delivered.
In addition EIG brings skills and experience in strategy development and implementation, investment governance and compliance arrangements, investment planning and asset management, tools for effective reporting and decision making, and commercial advice and transaction processes.
We understand that for a project to be successful, it’s not enough simply to manage your project competently, and deliver a good quality product. You must make sure that you have identified the right business requirements, created an achievable business case, put strong governance into place, managed a high-quality implementation and focused on achieving the benefits.

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