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Infrastructure Asset Management

  • Policy and Strategy Development
  • Asset and Risk Management Support
  • Asset Planning and Program Administration Support
  • Operations and Maintenance Service Delivery Support
  • Performance Review
  • Management Services
  • Property Portfolio Management

Portfolio Government Departments and companies with physical asset bases require best practice asset maintenance, services and operations and capital investment program administration to deliver services effectively and efficiently and to keep their assets in a ‘fit for purpose’ condition.
Large asset portfolios require multi-level administration systems where the governance framework includes:

  • Corporate/ organisation management to ensure the assets support the strategic goals of the organisation
  • Planning at the asset portfolio level to facilitate investment optimisation and sustainability
  • Asset systems to administer inventory and activity
  • At the asset level where assets are created, utilised, maintained, renewed and deposed with the focus on optimising the life cycle

Significant challenges in the selection of investments and in prioritising those investments.
Best practice infrastructure asset management requires the bringing together of processes involving management, financial administration, economic analysis, engineering, and other practices with the objective of providing the required level of service of the infrastructure assets in the most cost-effective manner. Asset Management is also the art and science of making the right decisions and optimising these processes.
It also includes the management of the whole life cycle (design, construction, commissioning, operating, maintaining, repairing, modifying, replacing and decommissioning/disposal) of infrastructure assets.
Sophisticated work prioritisation processes are needed to operate and sustain assets in a constrained budget environment.
Asset management processes are centred on a framework of five core questions:

  1. What is the current condition state of the infrastructure assets?
  2. What is the “sustainable” condition standards and levels of service?
  3. Which infrastructure assets are critical to sustained performance?
  4. What are my optimised life cycle activities and life-cycle costs?
  5. What is the sustainable long term funding need?

EIG brings detailed knowledge and experience in the road, rail, water, energy and property sectors and provides high quality infrastructure asset management, financial and commercial advice.
We also understand the planning, procurement and implementation of service outsourcing and franchising and we bring market leading proposal assessment tools to assist clients in selecting providers.
Our service group representatives have extensive direct experience and are market leaders in infrastructure asset management.

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