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Access to high quality water is fundamental to sustaining life.

Therefore for Water Utilities providing high quality drinking water is core to the business.  However success also demands sustainability to meet future needs.

A changing climate is a threat to the business.  The recent period of prolonged dry conditions resulted in a surge of major capital projects in the water sector, most of which are now complete. Water Utilities must now adapt to a new operational environment, characterised by a larger asset base and increased operation and maintenance requirements.

Population growth means increased demand for drinking water, wastewater, recycled water and stormwater services.

Water Utilities are challenged to meet the ongoing productivity improvements mandated by various industry regulators while managing an aging asset base; the condition of which is largely unknown.  Being more efficient means careful consideration of service delivery alternatives.

Effective IT systems are also critical to success

EIG offers a range of solutions to assist water authorities meet these and other challenges, while continuing to meet service quality and reliability obligations.

EIG has successfully partnered with clients to develop flexible strategies that identify, quantify and plan for uncertainty and risk. EIG offers a range of solutions to plan and manage project delivery to ensure that projects represent value for money over the project life cycle, not just at the time of investment.

EIG has high level capability to assist clients with strategic advice, and support for infrastructure development, infrastructure delivery and asset management of infrastructure networks. Our service streams detail the broad extent of our capability.

EIG provide a range services that help maximise value throughout the infrastructure project investment lifecycle. Whether it is during the early strategic planning phases or whilst helping achieve better commercial outcomes from renegotiation of operating service contracts.

EIG’s practical commercial and management skills continue to be in strong demand and are highly valued by our clients. EIG understands the key value drivers in the procurement of major water infrastructure transactions and have been able to deliver successful business outcomes for our clients.

EIG brings extensive knowledge of corporate and program governance

EIG understand the key value drivers in the initiation and development of major infrastructure transactions and has been able to deliver successful business outcomes for our clients on major infrastructure projects across the country.

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