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Energy networks are fundamental to a productive and liveable community.

These networks power residential and large and small businesses, as well as major industry including mining, shipping, tourism, manufacture and agriculture.

Energy supply has a high political profile and energy suppliers and distributors are tasked with improving value for money and reducing prices by adopting measures to increase efficiency and productivity, and establishing an appropriate and cost effective investment program.

Customers seek safe and reliable supply at a reasonable price and want to be assured that utility suppliers have their interests at heart.

Administration of energy networks is challenging because of growing demand, resource constraints and significant risks to network performance.

Overall network performance is affected by the extent of any imbalance between growth in demand and supply, individual assets, the number of new customer connections required and the growth of demand.

To address this utility administrations and suppliers require sophisticated network management plans which:

  • Provide a framework to achieve network safety and reliability through management of assets and planned investments
  • Address customer’s expectations
  • Contain strategies for public safety awareness
  • Address major risks such as bushfire safety

EIG has successfully partnered with clients to develop flexible strategies that identify, quantify and plan for uncertainty and risk. EIG offers a range of solutions to plan and manage project delivery to ensure that projects represent value for money over the project life cycle, not just at the time of investment.

EIG has high level capability to assist clients with strategic advice, and support for infrastructure development, infrastructure delivery and asset management of infrastructure networks. Our service streams detail the broad extent of our capability.

EIG provide a range services that help maximise value throughout the infrastructure project investment lifecycle. Whether it is during the early strategic planning phases or whilst helping achieve better commercial outcomes from renegotiation of operating service contracts.

EIG’s practical commercial and management skills continue to be in strong demand and are highly valued by our clients. EIG understands the key value drivers in the procurement of major energy infrastructure transactions and have been able to deliver successful business outcomes for our clients.

EIG brings extensive knowledge of corporate and program governance

EIG understand the key value drivers in the initiation and development of major infrastructure transactions and has been able to deliver successful business outcomes for our clients on major infrastructure projects across the country.

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